Translations - marketing / Web

To give you an idea of what we are all about. Below you can find an example of a translation assignment we have conducted within the Marketing/Web field.


Creation and implementation of a retail in-house booking and sales system, English to Swedish, for a leader in software solutions specialized in retail and retail intelligence.


The working process included UI translation of the system software as a whole, as well as exporting, proofing, local verification and importing to server and ICR in-context validation directly on the end client´s site. In order to make the process work efficiently, we chose to setup a TM with limited segmentation rules (no segmentation at full stop) thus avoiding having to split the cells into two segments and therefore making the implementation work smoothly. The volume was well over 100 000 source words.


Completing the Swedish version from scratch to live-publishing on the client´s site, including a publication tool, verification and ICR (in context validation) prior to publishing.

Usage today

Today, the Swedish version is used in the internal system of a store chain for its personnel to handle product stock, sales, orders and inventory.