Translations - medicine

To give you an idea of what we are all about. Below you can find an example of a translation assignment we have conducted within the Medical field.


Localization of the software and translation of the operating manual for the launch of a new surgical tool for a large medical equipment company.


Set up a dedicated team of PM, translators and reviewers to cover the whole process, working together with the client to reach a high-quality end result. Initially, we translated, reviewed and verified the software items in order to keep consistency within the translation of the operating manual. The process included verification and updates in several steps, from the initial software translation to the final screenshot check of the translation in the actual software.


Handle the Scandinavian linguistic part of this highly-specialized project, which was both medical and technical. This involved translating, localizing, reviewing and verifying around 30 000 words for each language (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish).

Usage today

The localized software user interface, used in the product itself, along with the localized and translated user manual, enables personnel in medical facilities to utilize the tool in their respective language.