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Apro Translation offers a price range that is below market rate for comparable translations. We can do it because of an effective project management and allocation of responsibility.

The price is usually per word, based on the number of words in the source material (the material that is to be translated). In some cases, the price is determined on an hourly basis, such as extra work involving the formatting of files, formats and for some proofreading file.

The price of the translation depends on a number of factors:

  • scope and number words.
  • degree of difficulty
  • branch of business
  • delivery date
  • and additional services related to the translated work, such as proofreading, editing, handling of the format, and the composition of the text.

Apro Translation strives to maintain a similar price range regardless of the target language being used in the translation. This makes it simpler for you as a customer when placing an order.

The easiest way to get a price quote for your translation need is to contact Apro Translation. You will not be disappointed.

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