Apro Translation – Your Nordic Department.

Apro Translation works diligently in creating a concrete concept perceiving us as your Nordic translation department.

As soon as you have a translation you need to be carried out, send it to Apro Translation.  We will prudently take care of the translation with the assurance of knowledge, expertise and local knowledge.  Shortly thereafter, Apro Translation will deliver a tailor-made professional translation to you, at a competitive price.

The routine steps for when an order is placed and the translation project is carried out are as follows:

1. Contact

Contact Apro Translation and outline your needs and thoughts. You can do this either through the form on this website or by any other desirable means, such as email, phone, Skype or chat.

Are you already a customer of Apro Translation? Great! To call us or send an e-mail is fine with us. You, as a customer, also have access to the login features to your specific pages, where you may among other things make new inquiries and of course put in orders. You will find your login information at the top of the homepage of Apro Translations on the right hand side.

2. New customer

Apro Translation listens to your needs och prepares the groundwork based on time of delivery, format, the scope of the project and cost.

As our new client, you are allotted your own login function to Apro Translation Deliverer, with access to all the features sent to you by e-mail. Apro Translation will notify you of the layout, usually by posting it on your login page and by sending an email (or communication by other means which best suits you).

3. Order

You simply confirm the agreed terms of the project and subsequently follow up by placing an order for the translation work. The simplest ways of accomplishing this is doing it on your login page, or contact our project leader at Apro Translation.

Apro Translation will handpick with painstaking scrutiny and accuracy a proven translator to perform your specific translation. For recurrent projects/customers the same translator is recruited to the possible extent at all times to ensure the continuity of language and vocabulary conformity.

If necessary Apro Translation will come back to you for supplementary questions, such as if something is unclear regarding the translation work relating to the quality of the current translation.

4. Cooperation

Apro Translation submits to you the completed professional translation (usually through your login page and an email) on the specified agreed time in conjunction to the conditional terms (for example in a specific format, typesetting, proofreading, etc.).

In connection with the submission of the finished translation, an invoice is sent (usually electronically) to you (or another person designated responsible) on which specification of the details of the current translation is shown.

With an affordable, concise and professional translation from Apro Translation, you will communicate much more efficiently with your surrounding world

You have now a partner in Apro Translation, who stands ready to serve, to facilitate all your translation needs and proofreading to/from all the Nordic languages, as well as all major languages. Apro Translation – Your Nordic Department.