Translations - technical

To give you an idea of what we are all about. Below you can find an example of a translation assignment we have conducted within the Technical field.


A manufacturer of waste disposal vehicles in Europe is set to launch their products on the Scandinavian market, especially Sweden and Norway, and therefore in need of having their German manuals translated into the respective languages.


We assign a PM who is responsible for gathering a team of Swedish and Norwegian translators for these Scandinavian tasks as well as possible back-ups who can take over occasional batches on short notice. The PM has to ensure straightforward communications and project flow between everyone involved (the client on one end and the linguists on the other), ensuring that everyone involved is updated and working according to the client’s wishes regarding delivery etc.


Building a terminology base for the biweekly-updated technical manual translations in order to maintain consistency throughout the important safety and usage description of the corresponding machines.

Usage today

The constantly amended manuals the client provides us with are an essential part in assuring that the client’s new customers in the Nordic countries understand the nature of the supplied machines. This ensures they will be used in the most efficient and safe way possible.