Translations - IT

To give you an idea of what we are all about. Below you can find an example of a translation assignment we have conducted within the IT field.


A software company in continuous need of localizing material for the Scandinavian market.


Set up a dedicated team of PMs and linguists, who take care of all the regular Nordic-related assignments and requests from the client. Due to this regular, ongoing, approach and with a handpicked team who communicate well, and are intimately familiar with the mandatory tools to be used, including all file formats, we can satisfy all the client’s wishes for set-up, through packaging and delivery. We cover all Scandinavian languages; Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish.


Act as Scandinavian linguistic partner for this worldwide well-known software producer, including translation, localization, review and verification of a wide range of documents, covering all Scandinavian languages (Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish), on an regular, ongoing, basis.

Usage today

Today, these localized documents are used for the specific language versions of the client’s software, marketing and product information purposes on the Scandinavian market and in-house purposes at our end-clients.